Vincent’s Heating and Fuel is proud to announce the beginning of 15 commercial and residential biomass projects in CNY. These projects will be aided by NYSERDA in the form of a $1.3 million grant. Details of the projects and the kickoff event are provided by WUTR below.

Renewable energy is a way to heat both buildings and homes without the high cost of fossil fuels. As oil prices continue to fluctuate, a new alternative called biomass is steadily becoming a new way for homes and businesses to use at a more affordable rate.

Vincent’s heating and fuel service is a small business that primarily used oil to heat homes. They had used wood-pellet heating to provide a better service for customers, the cost of oil at the time was over 4-dollars a gallon.

Laurie Vincent, owner of Vincent’s heating and fuel service.

“People were telling us, we can’t afford it. And so we were like, what are we going to do? We have to offer our customers something else that they can afford, when you have people telling you they can’t afford to heat their home.”

Vincent’s filed for a clean energy program through NYSERDA for their wood pellet heating service. And to theirsurprise, they were approved over a million dollars by the State.

John Rhodes, President & CEO of NYSERDA says the possibilities are endless here in New York State.

“This is really one of the first, but is also a landmark and also an example of what’s possible.”

The resource comes right from our backyards, and prices, unlike oil stay consistent.

Mark Butler, NYS assemblyman says the resources available here are perfect for this initiative.

“We’re in the foothills of the Adirondacks, we certainly have an abundant supply of wood here. Rather than to import oilfrom overseas or wherever.”

NYSERDA’s plan of shifting towards clean energy now will provide benefits for the long term, as well as help other local heating businesses in the area.

Joe Griffo, NYS Senator

“I think that’s the important element here. So when you do all the types of things that we’re doing to diversify thisportfolio, it’s going to make a difference. And the most important thing, it’s going to lower the rates for homeowners and for businesses.”

 The impact of the grant has made companies like Vincent’s able to grow locally.

Laurie Vincent adds, “For a small company that started out with three people, my husband, myself and our son, it’s a huge thing for us. We will be nine employees now, with three more potentially coming online. And we’re excited to be working with NYSERDA and pairing with them with all these projects.”

The ‘Evoworld’ heating systems are manufactured here in New York State, and the wood that is used to fuel these systems comes from forests across Upstate New York. One of the new locations for the pellet boiler systems will be at the Deerfield highway department garage.